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Freshly Roasted

At Kind Grindz Coffee, we bring you freshly roasted, premium coffee beans, bursting with delicious flavor. Like many other foods and drinks, fresher coffee is better coffee. When you order from us, you can expect that your coffee will be roasted just days earlier to ensure superior freshness. Our premiere fresh coffees are a delight to your tastebuds. Our high quality beans also have more health benefits, and a richer aroma. Purchase your freshly roasted bag of coffee here.

Locally Handcrafted

Founded in Durango, Colorado, Kind Grindz Coffee roasts premium-select coffee locally in small batches. Each coffee bean is unique, so we carefully roast each batch in order to bring out its very best flavors. We are dedicated to roasting your coffee to the highest standard. Your joy in every sip is our delight! We pack the coffee in ventilated bags, allowing it to stay fresher for longer. We treat your coffee like we would our own. Try some Kind Grindz now

Premium Quality

In every city there are numerous coffee shops. Some, to achieve consistency, roast their coffee so dark that it loses all subtlety of flavor and becomes bitter. At Kind Grindz Coffee, we provide you with premium, delicious coffees at an affordable price. Come explore the world of premier, fresh roasted coffee from us. If you can brew your own coffee, we will provide you will the tastiest coffee you can buy! Buy some now.

Delicious Variety

Every coffee in unique. At Kind Grindz we selectively source our beans from all over the world. Each coffee has special and different characteristics, with diverse flavor profiles. Our small batch, air roasting process brings out the very best quality in every bean. Kind Grindz Coffee brings you a delicious combination of flavors roasted to perfection. Visit our shop to learn about our coffees. 

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